Gil is the author of best-selling book New Code of Networking – a guide to Strategic Networking.

His book is an exquisite blend of practical insights into the world of networking and out-of-the-box creative approaches in the understanding of group psychology supported by Gil’s extensive entrepreneurial experience.

Testimonial on Gil's Book

"As a business development manager I am extremely need such a practical manual of networking with helpful and working advises. So I found it: that was a book of Gil named "New Code of Networking" This book becomes my Desk Book as well as Tony Robins' and Stephen R. Covey's books. I would highly recommend to read this book to everyone who needs professional growth and reaching new perspectives.
Asya Buyanova
Marketing & Business Development Manager at KPMG Russia

Testimonial on GIl's webinar

"I took Gil’s course called “Expanding Your Possibilities with the New Code of Networking” on MindValley and became a huge fan! I especially liked the chapter on networking for introverts as it gave some very helpful advice I’m excited to put into action with taking time to recharge. He’s a brilliant man and I look forward to learning for many years to come!
Lindsay Hartthorne
Salesforce Specialist

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