Some Assembly Required

Thom Singer, “Some Assembly Required”


Building your business network is one of the most important things that you can do for your career. In order to reach professional success you have to learn to be liked and be useful to people. After reading Thom Singer’s book you will understand how to meet people and develop contacts, put others at ease in social networking situations, remember names, positions and other useful information, make yourself a Go-To- Person in your sphere, and finally – how to monetize your professional network.

Top 5 lessons from this book:

1. Your network is not the number of name cards that you have.

Your network is a vast number of people who know you and respect you personally and who understand the essence of your work.

2. Don’t be after the quantity.

Do you really need 4 or 5 thousand “friends” in social networks who you never keep in touch with? Its only a way to get more spam messages in your mail box.

3. People deal with those who they know and who they like.

Therefore, don’t just meet people, develop your relationship by connecting with them regularly and doing something valuable for them.

4. Once a month “make audit” of your LinkedIn contacts.

Study your friends’ contact lists and find those who you’d like to meet. Then ask your friends for introductions.

5. Be grateful.

If some of your friends helped you achieve your goal or did you a favor, don’t take it for granted. Make sure to thank them for their valuable help.

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