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NETWORKING is One of the MOST POWERFUL Secrets To Rapidly Achieving Whatever Goal You Have For Your Health, Wealth And Finance.”


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About GIL

Gil Petersil is a global leader in the world of networking, business strategy and mastermind methodology. As a Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur and a Global Speaker, Gil is passionate about adding value and serving others. He is a pioneer in promoting new perspective on how Business Connections are made.

Gil has been called Networking Mastery Coach by some, or Authentic Partnership Coach by others. He is passionate about growing Nourishing Networks of people and empowering others to do the same.


Gil’s unique approach is based on 20 + years of Personal Development and Business Experience which allows him to masterfully blend Business Strategy with Mindful and Heart-Based Practices that help to cultivate Human Connection.

He is passionate about transforming the way companies and business men and sales associated leaders see  business connection by shifting focus from target to the value of Partnership. Gil teaches that valuing human connection is a better strategy to upscale business and generate more hot long-lasting win-win Partnerships.

Gil's Personal & Business Development Path

Successful serial entrepreneur with a wide range of expertise in market sectors such as edutainment, events, tourism, wellness, hospitality, beauty and mobile apps. Gil masterfully aligns his business purpose with 20+ years of personal development as he continues to learn from the some of the best teachers in the world such as Tony Robbins, Jordan Belfort, Richard Branson, Keith Ferazzi, Vishen Lakhiani, Miki Agrawal, Nick Vujicic and Jay Abraham.


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