The Ideal Executive: Why You Cannot Be One and What to Do About It

Ichak Adizes Ph.D., “The Ideal Executive: Why You Cannot Be One and What to Do About It”

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The concept of this book came from the author’s assumption that an ideal manager, or executive, does not exist, even though any company is searching for one.

And if that is the case, what can be done about it? How to build an effective team? How to structure the company correctly? How to prevent and manage conflicts within the company? The author offers answers to all these questions.

The book is a must-read for managers of any organization because it is based on 30 years of experience and implementation of these principles in 48 countries, in different companies: from startups to the largest corporations in the world.

Top 10 lessons from this book:

  1. The purpose of any manager is managing change.

The goal of management, leadership, parenting, or governing – any form of organizational leadership – is to solve today’s problems and get ready to deal with tomorrow’s problems. And that means managing change.

  1. Avoid babblers.

Some people have something to say. Some people have to say something. Avoid the second group.

  1. Colleagues don’t need to have a joint opinion.

A colleague is not someone who agrees with you. A colleague is someone who disagrees with you but for whom you have respect.

  1. You’re lucky if you get fired.

Many entrepreneurs got fortunate to have lost their jobs. If nobody had pushed them, they would have never started a new business.

  1. Don’t look for an easy path.

What is the calmest place in town where nobody complains and grumbles? Cemetery. Keep that in mind.

  1. Learn management from the Catholic Church.

You should manage a company in such a way that it could last for thousands of years. Catholic Church exists for 2000 years and will stay on as much because it has formed a system of values accepted by everyone who belongs to this organization.

  1. The company’s strength is in its simplicity and clarity.

A company created by a genius, which can be managed even by an idiot, is a lot better than a company created by an idiot which can be managed only by a genius.

  1. Build long-lasting relationship with people.

Trust begins only when people are certain that their collaboration will be mutually beneficial in the long term.

  1. All team members’ equality is a Utopia.

Any team does not imply its members’ equality. Someone has to be the leader.

  1. Management is not just a number of managing skills.

Management is the art to define what goals are there to achieve and how to achieve them.

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