Work the Pond! Use the Power of Positive Networking

Darcy Rezac, “Work the Pond! Use the Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life”


The first thing that distinguishes this book is an original, fairytale style. The author compares the world of networking to a big pond where you need “to kiss a lot of frogs” (i.e. meet a lot of people) to find your “princess”. But the author also insists that the real secret of effective networking is using the approach “What can I do for you?” instead of “What can I get from you?” This is the exact principle that Darcy Rezac calls “positive networking”. In his book the author will help you to fully implement it in order to “avoid toads” on the way to building your ideal professional network.

Top 10 lessons from this book:

1. Think about how you can help the person you’ve met.

The desire to help someone is the main secret to establishing connections.

2. The phenomenon of “the small world” exists.

The possibility to connect with someone who lives at the other end of the world lies within 6 handshakes. The world of opportunities is open!

3. Always have at least 7 of your name cards on hand.

There are never too many name cards, but there are often not enough of them.

4. Every day dedicate at least 40 minutes of your time to press reviews.

It’s very easy to begin a conversation with the latest news in sports, weather, the main international events, etc.

5. When you enter a room where there are too many strangers, stop for a minute.

Look around. See who you are more comfortable to talk to: a friendly group of people, singles, your old connections, etc.

6. Time is money.

Make sure you mingle with the right people and use your time effectively.

7. Work on your personal brand.

Render a free service: give a consultation or a presentation or submit an article to a specialized magazine. Thus you will become a known person.

8. Get at least 300 new connection a year.

Visit at least 1 event a week, meet 7 new people in one evening and by the end of the year you will get 300 new connections.

9. Treat every person as equal.

Showing respect to everyone is a lot easier than guessing first who is who. A Frog to you is a Princess to someone else.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It’s a perfect way to draw attention to yourself. Moreover, it will free you from the fear of public speaking.

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