Individual COaching

“Success is people around you and what you co-create.”

individual coaching

Why Work with Gil

Gil believes that in achieving a win-win partnership, there must be synergy between Business and Life. Therefore, utilizing holistic, heart-centered practices while integrating familial values and personal development is at the center of his Unique Approach to successfully:

  • Shifting netWORKING into net GROWING

  • Building nourishing connections in business while staying true to who you are

  • Manifesting within the network

This unique approach to relationship building allows any client to tap into the Abundance field available through authentic connection and open up to mutually beneficial opportunities in business while remaining true to their core values.

Individual Coaching with
Gil is for you if:

  • Entrepreneur with a profitable established business, but you've hit a wall to scale that you can't seem to breakthrough

  • You understand that success in life is about people around you and are looking for ways to Expand your Network and make an impact in the World

  • You want to grow your network and build nourishing partnerships but find it challenging to connect authentically

  • You are ready to manifest a 7-figure business using the power of Authentic Networking

  • You know one-size-fits-all approaches don't work, and you're ready for a customized approach to transforming your business that takes your unique energy into account

  • You're on a rollercoaster of launches with no breaks for vacation, mindfulness, or centering yourself (aka, you are seeking more balance with life/work)

  • You value well-being and want to know how to do business from the Heart


"Only after 3 months of working with Gil I was able to completely transform my mindset around business. Because of Gil I was able to move from government to business sector. Thanks to his connections and networking magic powers my career became one of the greatest sources of joy in life! I highly recommend Gil as a Business Coach to anyone who is ready to up level in life."
Vadim Kalinin
Vice President Moscow Investors Club
"I met Gil before the Coronavirus took over the world and he guided me during these times of uncertainty. I wasn’t new to the world of Networking but with Gil, I was able to significantly improve the way I connect to others. Throughout the 6 months of the coaching program, I discovered nuances that made a great impact on my business! As a result of coaching, I am more confident in taking forward new international partnerships”
Evgeny Oystacher
CEO at EKF (Electronic Equipment Company)
"I was blessed to be able to be mentored by Gil Petersil. Throughout our work together Gil shared tools and strategies that are super easy to implement in your business: from starting your mastermind to upscaling business. Gil is an amazing soul. Do yourself a favor - get in touch with him and you will not be disappointed.”
Stephanie Zee
Transformational Coach

Is it even possible to run a profitable business, magnify your impact, be a visionary leader… and not feeling overwhelmed 110% of the time?

Yes! I can show you how.


  • Improved Communication Strategies and aligned them to their Authentic Expression

  • They had their first $100k months

  • Upgraded their Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Developed a bility to grown and manifest within the network

  • Diversified еtheir business and created a 7-figure online program

  • Created Nourishing Strategic Partnerships

  • Worked shorter days and weeks… while scaling their business & growing their audience

  • Built excellent, unstoppable teams who are eager to support their vision

  • Freed up time to spend with family

What will you receive?

  • Personalized support based on your needs: Finding Investments and Strategic Partners, Network Audit

  • Access to International Markets and Networking on a Global level

  • Practical tools on how to scale your business and to develop community infrastructure

  • You will have step by step guidance on how to manifest within your network and create opportunities for connection on all levels

  • Clarity about business and life goals

step-by-step GUIDE

Discovery Call Stage

Are we the right fit? This is a crucial stage to determine your goals and my ability to deliver 100%. Since our work together will be transformational, we must take this vital step and consider the outcome.

Signing a contract

3 or 6 months. At this stage, we identify your personal goals and write down a strategy for achieving them. You will receive step-by-step guidance for every process.

Journey Begins

We measure your growth and celebrate your success throughout your journey. At the end of the program, you will receive an evaluation to see how to farm you've come.

Evaluation of Results

At the end of the program, we measure your growth and celebrate your success. It is a stage to see how far you've come. In addition, you will receive the Before/After Document for you to have proof of your Hard Work.