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Corporate Coaching

The external pressures of the marketplace, global climate uncertainty and employees who are working from their homes, team building, strategic networking and leadership become the cornerstone for any organization’s success. Strategic Networking can unlock the potential to boost productivity, deepen commitment and engagement, and create a level of trust and mutual accountability. Gil has been working with the most prominent corporations in different industries all over the world to support them in understanding what Strategic Networking can truly do for Business Development, Internal HR Education, Team building and Leadership.

Who is it for

Corporations looking to maximize Team Performance and unlock the untapped potential that exists within their organization on different seniority level.

This is for you:

If you ready to take your team to the next level of commitment, drive and efficiency, then group coaching is for you.

This will help you not only expand the company’s sphere of influence, develop authentic leadership style but also establish values of authenticity and emotional Safety within the team which will improve employee retention and overall companies productivity.

Corporate Clients


We will design and deliver the most effective solution based on your organization unique needs

Group Coaching Strategic Session

Strategic Session is an informative and motivational interaction with Gil in the form of a webinar. During the 90 minute session Gil will bring maximum value to your team by covering following topics:

  • Team Building

  • Agile Leadership

  • The importance of Creating Emotional Safety

  • Effective Communication Tools

  • Authentic Networking

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a 1-1 Individual Journey for each of the Executive from the Group. It provides an opportunity to go deep into personal attributes and challenges a Leader may face at work. 

During a private call, Gil will provide a personalized formula for successful Networking and step-by-step guidance on achieving clear goals according to the client’s needs.


Within organizations, many are drawn to this new-paradigm model of Round-Table Leadership where people come together around a shared vision, each bringing their unique genius that together raise company’s standards and make larger impact.

Program Details

FORMAT: Live or online meetings via zoom

Group Coaching amount of suggested participants: 6-8 people


  • Create high-performance cultures in teams

  • Develop Authentic Leadership style to achieve extraordinary results

  • Dramatically increase Problem-Solving Power within the Team

  • Raise standards for company’s loyalty

  • Capitalize on opportunities from Peer-to-Peer Accountability

  • Foster effectively communication within the team

  • Achieve demonstrable improvements in performance and enhance public image

If you are looking to create a larger impact with your business and see your employees to become unstoppable, well-connected, and career and goal oriented, then book a discovery call for group coaching

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