Gil as a Speaker

Gil is a global speaker with 1000+ events experience.

His keynote speeches are an evocative mixture of in-depth practical insights from personal experiences coupled with a high energy performance – it is an experience that is both satisfying and thought-provoking.

As an epic storyteller, Gil can tap into the hearts and minds of attendees to inspire and challenge them to transform through his edutainment way of delivering information.

"Gil is one of the most dynamic, passionate, and creative individuals I know. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him, working alongside him, and witnessing his challenges and extraordinary successes firsthand for over ten years. He is generous with his time & advice, and his ability to shoot for the stars is inspiring."
Campbell Bethwaite
Chairman Of The Board at SimpleFinance
"Gil is a person who shows us the value of social capital and help create a true "social treasure."
Oscar Hartmann
Founder and Partner of Hartmann Holdings, Fastlane Ventures, Simile Ventures Partners and HR CAPITAL LARIX

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Gil'S Best Speeches

Networking Through Mastermind

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Gil was #1 speaker who introduced Mastermind Methodology in front of 25,000 audience in Russia

Dream Big. Connect with Purpose

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Gil spoke about the Power of Networking in an event in Dubai

Power of Strategic and Business Networking

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Gil is promoting Values of Networking and the Art of Storytelling during his speech at the Synergy Global Forum

List Of Topics:

  • Power Of Strategic Networking

  • 3 Steps To Thrive During The Crisis

  • Dream Big Connecting With Purpose

  • Agile Leadership

  • Online Networking Through Mastermind

  • Art of Storytelling

  • Networking As A Key Competence Of The Businessman Of The New Generation

  • Emotional Intelligence For The Effective Manager And Leader

Event Formats


Gil was a Keynote Speaker at A-Fest Festival in Portugal organized by Mindvalley

Business Forum

Gil was a Panel Moderator at Synergy Global Forum

Networking Strategic session

Gil was a Networking Moderator at Young Business Club in Dubai


Gil facilitated a Mastermind session together with Jay Abraham in London

Expo event

Gil gave a Motivational Speech for BuyBrand Expo in Moscow

Group Coaching on a Boat

Gil held group coaching sessions for Synergy Networking Regatta


Gil was invited as a Networking Expert at ACCELL Business Accelerator in Bali


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