Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success

Top books on business and networking: recommendations by Gil Petersil

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Keith Ferrazzi, “Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time”

Do you want to climb the ladder to personal success? Well, one thing is undeniable: you can’t get there alone. What makes the difference between successful people and ordinary people is the way the former use the power of relationships — so that everyone wins. In his book Keith Ferrazzi explains how to build relationships based on the principles of generosity and readiness to help. You will also learn what instruments to use to get acquainted and stay in touch with the most influential people. A must-read for all those who believe in the crucial role of networking in business and personal life.

Top 10 lessons from this book:

  1. Don’t keep score.

Successful networking begins with generosity. Help others without expecting anything in return. Your dividends will not be long in coming.

  1. Follow-Up!

If you met someone and didn’t get in touch with him or her in the next 48 hours, you’ve missed an opportunity. Make sure you remind this person about yourself as soon as possible and plan the next step to develop your connection.

  1. Remind about yourself regularly.

In our digital age it’s very easy to maintain relations with people. Text messages, phone calls, comments on social networks are all a good way to stay in touch and build your relationship further on.

  1. Be open.

Open heartedness and sincerity make us attractive and interesting in other people’s eyes. Everybody wants to communicate and build relationship with such a person.

  1. Stay in the public eye.

If you’re always in the center of the action, you have a better chance to build an effective network, than a recluse.

  1. Talk to speakers before their performance at an event.

Everyone will want to personally meet the speaker after his or her speech. Be one jump ahead of them by doing it before, and you will get more time and attention from the person who is important to you.

  1. Practice quick and effective connections.

At any event try to meet as many people as possible. But do it in such a way that they get interested in you and in developing your relationship further on.

  1. Search for information about your new connections.

Look up their profiles in social networks, find out about their business and personal life. Find common interests with them. It will help strengthen your relationship.

  1. Admit your mistakes publicly.

Many try to build “an ideal personal brand”. But nobody’s perfect. And if you have the courage to admit it, people rate it highly.

  1. Health, finance, children.

These 3 issues worry everyone. So, if you can help a person with at least one of them, he or she will be happy to do you a favor in return.

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