About - Gil Petersil

“Live with Passion, Connect with love”

Gil's Story

A visionary, a leader, a servant, a connector – there are many that describe the essence of Gil. It may come as a surprise, but success didn’t come easy in his life. When you get to know his story, it’s simple to see how one recurring pattern of turning challenges into opportunities has helped him to grow into the powerful catalyst for change he is today. 

Gil’s initiation into a Networking Mastery Coach he is today began at a young age. Having immigrated from Israel to Canada at the tender age of 10, Gil was placed to a new school without knowing the language. As a result, he had to deepen his understanding of group mentalities based on inclusion and culture, which led him to develop the ethos of his unique approach to Authentic Networking. 

As an introverted child who felt anxious in social situations, Gil utilized his curiosity around connection to transform himself into a world renowned Communication Expert and Public Speaker. This evolution ignited Gil’s passion to serve through inspiring others to stand in their own light and shine. 

To Communication Expert and International Speaker

To citizen of the world

To successful serial entrepreneur and co-owner of four international businesses

With years of experience living, studying, and working in Israel, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Singapore and Bali he uses his extensive knowledge of effective communication to take entrepreneurs and companies to new heights through strategic networking. 

Being a powerful connector he is a pioneer in promoting Conscious Business Networking and sharing practical tools on how to build and maintain long-lasting partnerships that result in WIN-WIN value contribution. He walks the talk and as a true leader paves the way for others to follow.

His passion for connection, mindset growth and service oriented leadership has brought him success not only in business but in personal life. 

He is happily married to his best friend Katya with whom he has 3 beautiful children. Currently Gil and his family lives in Bali where he is actively involved in local projects supporting the environment and sustainable way of living.

Gil's Business Path

Gil is most sought and valued by his clients for his Global Corporate and Entrepreneurial Experience.


To Empower conscious entrepreneurs, global leaders and organizations to align their Business Purpose with Authentic Expression and co-create long-lasting Beneficial Partnerships and Communities.


 To bring power of resourcefulness, authentic connection and leadership to co-elevate Global Networking Communities and to serve world unity through impactful solutions.

The World as we know is currently undergoing a big transformation. Conscious and mindful business practices that are aligned with personal values are at the core of every successful business.


Alignment of Values and Business purpose is the core of Gil’s offering.

Serving Community Initiative

Plastic Exchange

Gil is passionate about the environment and raising awareness on the importance sustainable way of living.

He supports ecological charity initiative "Plastic Exchange" in Bali by adopting 6 surrounding to his house villages and donating rice on regular basis. As a main Board member of PcX he regularly organizes events to raise money and spread awareness about the Initiative. Among them - Royal Mastermind with King or Kerambitam Anak Agung Ngurah Agung Bagus Erawan. To learn more about this PcX, please follow plasticexchange.com

Not only Gil is the biggest sponsor, he also mentors the founder of the Project Janur Jasa on Business Strategy and Effective communication. Together they plan to expand this initiative from current 250 to 1000 villages all over Bali.

Synergy Business School

Gil gladly cooperates with business schools and universities all over the World. His goal in education is to increase entrepreneurial literacy and broaden students' mindsets by breaking limiting beliefs.

Gil was a visiting professor at multiple universities such as Skolkovo Management School in Moscow, National University of Singapore and Synergy Business School.


National University of Singapore

Gil loves to add value by supporting social entrepreneurship through mentorship.Gil actively supports Women Empowerement Initiatives: he has been invited as a mentor to Women's clubs In Dubai and Russia.