How can I be of help to Keith Ferrazzi?


With Keith Ferrazzi, # 1 world networker.

I’ve been following Keith Ferrazzi from the time I chose to become a focused speaker on the art of networking. I looked for the top speakers in the world that covered the subject and he was sitting at number one. And since I understood that, it became my goal to try to connect with him, try to learn from him, try to make him my active mentor.

But eventually I succeeded through luck and the strategy of goal-setting”.

At first I didn’t have much success getting through to Keith because he is such a busy person. I always had one of his staff members telling me that he was very busy and suggesting I should show up at one of his events to connect with him. But eventually I succeeded through luck and the strategy of goal-setting.

One of my goals for 2015 was to meet with Keith Ferrazzi. And soon I was able “to plant this seed”. I became one of the speakers at Synergy Global Forum-2015, a big international event where Keith was also performing.

While I was on stage giving my speech I noticed Keith in the audience and that he was listening to me. After I finished speaking he came up to me and congratulated me on my energy and the content that I was sharing with the audience. Then Keith asked to buy me a cup of coffee because he needed some advice on the Russian audience. The thing was that when he came to Russia for the first time to give a speech, he didn’t find it very easy to engage his listeners and get a reaction from them. So we spent about an hour talking, drinking coffee, and discussing some techniques on how to draw in the Russian audience.

Later that evening we went for dinner. I already knew that Keith’s speech was a great success but I still asked him how it all went. He answered: “If it wasn’t for the time I spent with you I would have been completely lost”. I’m still happy that I was able to be useful to Keith Ferrazzi and to have given him an important boost of confidence when he needed it.

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